Welcome to my blog. My plan is to keep you guys up-dated and informed on whats happening around the nursery, whats being potted, propped, coming events and anything else that could prove interesting and riveting. I will also discuss whats happening in the garden and things you should focus on.
But first up welcome to our new web-site, been a while coming but I’m wrapped with the result, love to here your feedback or comments.
You will notice we are a bit tongue and cheek when it comes to plant descriptions, but I think its in keeping with how we think about the plants and less science boffin nonsense.

Best Flavours

Introducing ‘Best Flavours” we grow a lot of fruit, veg and herbs and often get asked what’s best? As we are all mad foodie type people we are always up for a chat about different recipes and ways to use…

New stuff for 2022

We are constantly trialing new plants and ideas, most work but the odd one stretches our ability and after I stop swearing we re-focus and look for something else. This year we have a few cool new plants: Lisianthus: quite…

Courier system

We have developed a carton and insert system specific to our plant production to enable safe shipping , the plants are locked into either a 9 or 12 whole insert depending on their pot size. You can order any number…

Welcome to our new Website

We have updated our website, the original was built over a decade ago and needed some attention. Over the same period the nursery has undergone huge transformations with the construction of new growing houses and propagation units, our plant range…

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