Welcome to my blog. My plan is to keep you guys up-dated and informed on whats happening around the nursery, whats being potted, propped, coming events and anything else that could prove interesting and riveting. I will also discuss whats happening in the garden and things you should focus on.
But first up welcome to our new web-site, been a while coming but I’m wrapped with the result, love to here your feedback or comments.
You will notice we are a bit tongue and cheek when it comes to plant descriptions, but I think its in keeping with how we think about the plants and less science boffin nonsense.

  • What’s happening for spring 2016

    Hi guys long time since last ‘blog’ forget I have this facility, always moaning at kids about too much time spent on social media and forget I should do the same. Anyway what’s going on in nursery? first thing is …

  • Easter Event

    Easter 2015 is almost here! seems like only yesterday we were hiding the Easter eggs and starting up the bbq for the 2014 event. If you haven’t attended one of our Easter promotions they are great fun, we give away …

  • After Spring!

    What bloody spring, it was more like an extension of winter only wetter and with more wind. No biggie though we had a great spring lots of happy customers, thousands of veg and fruit  related products sold and masses of landscape …


    As promised a ‘heads up’ on whats happening for Labour weekend, this is our biggest weekend for the ‘veg folk’ and general spring planting. We will have our full range of veg available from egg plants to cucumbers, just check …

  • We are online!

    So we have a new website and this cool communication device ‘blog’ so whats happening? well spring is trying to happen last few days temperatures have certainly risen and the suns out, all the typical ‘springy’ things are starting to happen, lambs,blossom, pollen, sinus, …