As promised a ‘heads up’ on whats happening for Labour weekend, this is our biggest weekend for the ‘veg folk’ and general spring planting. We will have our full range of veg available from egg plants to cucumbers, just check out our range and you will see what I mean.
We will also have our now famous sausage sizzle with home made chilli and chutney sauces as well as the choch fish hunt for kids, these will run on both Sat and Sun from 10.00am to 2pm.
We have grown a large crop of basil which will sell out at $1.00 for the weekend and an extened range of micro green bowls including cress, rocket, wheat grass, raddish, peas, mustards and kale.
See full deatils in the Sun paper ad will appear Friday the 24/11.
Talk again soon.

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