Easter Event

Easter 2015 is almost here! seems like only yesterday we were hiding the Easter eggs and starting up the bbq for the 2014 event. If you haven’t attended one of our Easter promotions they are great fun, we give away around 400 chocolate eggs and cook over 500 sausages in 3-4 hours, Its all free and great for the kids (of all ages).

With the bbq we use Hellars sausages (not crap) with onions, mustard and sauce or for the more adventurist you can try our range of homemade chutneys and chili sauces made from products we sell.This year we have over 10 different recipes for you to try, our latest attempts include cold smoked tomato and habanero as well as black boy peach and cold smoked habanero plus a few tried and true.

Interesting year for our chilies, the heat factor in our hot varieties is considerably higher than last year, like some of them are bloody hot! we are putting it down to a very hot dry summer with fruit being noticeably smaller but packing a mean punch. We have plenty of fresh fruit in the nursery so if are insane or really need to impress someone just ask and we will gladly accommodate you , also provides great entertainment for the rest of us. Actually just had a great idea while writing this, anyone prepared to eat and hold down 3 habanero can have  a large chocolate bunny, not because we think you re a’bunny’ but simply because we will be in awe of your madness.

For the actual kids we hide a pile of little fluffy balls around the nursery (the actual eggs melt) and let the kids go free, they can find two and ‘cash’ them in for two choc marshmallow eggs, once they are full of chocolate and bouncing off the walls you get to take them,  as well as your bright red intensely sweating husband (if he ate the chilies) home.

All this happens on Easter Saturday 4/04/2015 from 10.00am to 2.00pm.

As far as plants are concerned, we have cranked up the veg range and volumes now that its rained and you can actually plant something also a great time for hedging, feijoas, citrus and lomandras etc etc.

Thinking about a bit of landscaping?garden looks like sh#%t, new house or existing? just ask, we offer a full garden design service for only $50.00 this includes a site visit and any design work , we not only supply plants but can install your garden as well. This has proved to be an unbelievably popular service with over 40 plans and jobs currently under way.

Hope to see you over Easter, if not have  a great safe weekend anyway.

Talk again soon Paul


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