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What’s happening for spring 2016

Hi guys long time since last ‘blog’ forget I have this facility, always moaning at kids about too much time spent on social media and forget I should do the same.
Anyway what’s going on in nursery? first thing is we have developed a new arm to the business “Pots Direct ‘in the past we have played around with the odd shipment but are now focusing on extended ranges and styles coming into the country on a regular basis. All the pots are sourced directly from the factories in Vietnam and shipped in bulk to us, our next shipment is over 60 ton and expected mid to late August.
We are also launching a new range of veg seedlings, our Asian/Middle Eastern is really exciting, its a very authentic range including Amarantha, Red noodle beans, Edaname, Edible gourds, Bitter Melon, Shungiku, Egg plant Tong Long and Thai Purple plus many more. We also have the 5 hottest chilli’s I the world ‘Caroline Reaper, Naga Viper, 7 Pot Douglah, Gringo Killer, and Habanero plus our standard range.
There are a few new tomato varieties, baby cos, new giant and heirloom peppers, the list just goes on and on, all available from late September onwards.
We will run our typical press ads as we get into spring to help let you know when things are available, talk again soon.

Easter Event

Easter 2015 is almost here! seems like only yesterday we were hiding the Easter eggs and starting up the bbq for the 2014 event. If you haven’t attended one of our Easter promotions they are great fun, we give away around 400 chocolate eggs and cook over 500 sausages in 3-4 hours, Its all free and great for the kids (of all ages).

With the bbq we use Hellars sausages (not crap) with onions, mustard and sauce or for the more adventurist you can try our range of homemade chutneys and chili sauces made from products we sell.This year we have over 10 different recipes for you to try, our latest attempts include cold smoked tomato and habanero as well as black boy peach and cold smoked habanero plus a few tried and true.

Interesting year for our chilies, the heat factor in our hot varieties is considerably higher than last year, like some of them are bloody hot! we are putting it down to a very hot dry summer with fruit being noticeably smaller but packing a mean punch. We have plenty of fresh fruit in the nursery so if are insane or really need to impress someone just ask and we will gladly accommodate you , also provides great entertainment for the rest of us. Actually just had a great idea while writing this, anyone prepared to eat and hold down 3 habanero can have  a large chocolate bunny, not because we think you re a’bunny’ but simply because we will be in awe of your madness.

For the actual kids we hide a pile of little fluffy balls around the nursery (the actual eggs melt) and let the kids go free, they can find two and ‘cash’ them in for two choc marshmallow eggs, once they are full of chocolate and bouncing off the walls you get to take them,  as well as your bright red intensely sweating husband (if he ate the chilies) home.

All this happens on Easter Saturday 4/04/2015 from 10.00am to 2.00pm.

As far as plants are concerned, we have cranked up the veg range and volumes now that its rained and you can actually plant something also a great time for hedging, feijoas, citrus and lomandras etc etc.

Thinking about a bit of landscaping?garden looks like sh#%t, new house or existing? just ask, we offer a full garden design service for only $50.00 this includes a site visit and any design work , we not only supply plants but can install your garden as well. This has proved to be an unbelievably popular service with over 40 plans and jobs currently under way.

Hope to see you over Easter, if not have  a great safe weekend anyway.

Talk again soon Paul


After Spring!

What bloody spring, it was more like an extension of winter only wetter and with more wind.

No biggie though we had a great spring lots of happy customers, thousands of veg and fruit  related products sold and masses of landscape jobs on so no real complaints.

What’s happening now? we are smack in the middle of our autumn production and trying to fill a few of the gaps from spring, lines that are super popular like lomandra tanika and nyalla will be available again as we get into mid summer, we have also re-done some of our typical spring crops like geraniums and osteospermums as the early crops sold very quickly enabling us to repeat the process. All our tropical crops are late this year due to cooler weather, hibiscus, bird of paradise, bougainvillea’s etc. are all  now potted and will be saleable from Feb onwards.

We are now offering more complete package with our landscaping, in the past we have designed gardens and offered a ‘placement’ and ‘planting’ service where the garden is already formed but from Jan on we will be able to install the complete garden, we wont be doing hard construction (decks, walls fences etc) just garden form work and installation.

With our total consult and design process only costing $50.00 its the cheapest garden you are  likely to get.

By early Jan we would have finalised our deciduous fruit and ornamental tree range for 2015, get on-line and get your orders in to save missing out, we sold out very quickly for 2014, remember you don’t have to pre-pay just pre order, stock is always available around Queens Birthday.






As promised a ‘heads up’ on whats happening for Labour weekend, this is our biggest weekend for the ‘veg folk’ and general spring planting. We will have our full range of veg available from egg plants to cucumbers, just check out our range and you will see what I mean.
We will also have our now famous sausage sizzle with home made chilli and chutney sauces as well as the choch fish hunt for kids, these will run on both Sat and Sun from 10.00am to 2pm.
We have grown a large crop of basil which will sell out at $1.00 for the weekend and an extened range of micro green bowls including cress, rocket, wheat grass, raddish, peas, mustards and kale.
See full deatils in the Sun paper ad will appear Friday the 24/11.
Talk again soon.

We are online!

So we have a new website and this cool communication device ‘blog’ so whats happening? well spring is trying to happen last few days temperatures have certainly risen and the suns out, all the typical ‘springy’ things are starting to happen, lambs,blossom, pollen, sinus, asthma, you know, all the good stuff. In the nursery plant growth rate is about 3 weeks behind this time last year, but starting to  move now. Great time to revisit the veg garden we have a huge range available including tomatoes, peppers,chilies and all our usual suspects. Next couple of weeks we will release our cucumbers, courgettes, gherkins, corn and dwarf beans. We are now basically sold out of our winter fruit, but will update website with 2015 range later in the year, you need to get orders in by Feb if you don’t want to miss out. Our next press ads will focus on the launch of the website and our spring range of colour lines and veg, next big event will be labour weekend, will update you on this later.