After Spring!

What bloody spring, it was more like an extension of winter only wetter and with more wind.

No biggie though we had a great spring lots of happy customers, thousands of veg and fruit  related products sold and masses of landscape jobs on so no real complaints.

What’s happening now? we are smack in the middle of our autumn production and trying to fill a few of the gaps from spring, lines that are super popular like lomandra tanika and nyalla will be available again as we get into mid summer, we have also re-done some of our typical spring crops like geraniums and osteospermums as the early crops sold very quickly enabling us to repeat the process. All our tropical crops are late this year due to cooler weather, hibiscus, bird of paradise, bougainvillea’s etc. are all  now potted and will be saleable from Feb onwards.

We are now offering more complete package with our landscaping, in the past we have designed gardens and offered a ‘placement’ and ‘planting’ service where the garden is already formed but from Jan on we will be able to install the complete garden, we wont be doing hard construction (decks, walls fences etc) just garden form work and installation.

With our total consult and design process only costing $50.00 its the cheapest garden you are  likely to get.

By early Jan we would have finalised our deciduous fruit and ornamental tree range for 2015, get on-line and get your orders in to save missing out, we sold out very quickly for 2014, remember you don’t have to pre-pay just pre order, stock is always available around Queens Birthday.





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